Kunming 2012

The Kunming Position Statement – Ecohealth Contributions to MDGs and SDGs


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Please read the IAEH Board approved Position Paper submitted to the Health in the Post-2015 Development Agenda Thematic Consultation  & published in the EcoHealth Journal.


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Following the recent reviews of the efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), some apparent limitations associated with the Rio+20 outcomes, as well as the call for sustainable development goals beyond 2015, a unique window of opportunity existed for the IAEH.

This statement provided a mechanism for ecohealth researchers and practitioners, who have been captivated by the debates surrounding these issues and believe they have something to contribute to their resolution, to clearly communicate their ideas.

It was first and foremost a rallying point for ecohealth researchers and practitioners as a way of providing a basis for their individual and collective contributions.


Global Processes linking Ecology & Health – What role for EcoHealth?

This EcoHealth2012 Marquis event feed into the development of an IAEH Kunming Statement. As with the formation of the EcoHealth statement, the themes guiding this evening’s discussion were informed by the following view:

Global attempts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and their targets are increasing. This intensive effort has come at a time when it is becoming ever more likely that some, or even many of the goals and targets, will not be met by 2015. A reasonable case can be made to demonstrate that the unmet goals and targets can be explained with reference to EcoHealth principles, and that significant advances can also be made according to these principles. What contributions could we make now to improve outcomes by 2015, and/or what would need to happen after 2015? And what kind of collaborative initiatives should we embark upon with other organisations to achieve them?

Moderator: Margot Parkes (IAEH President)

Pierre Horwitz (Edith Cowan University, Australia)
Jonathan Patz (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)
Carlos Corvalan (Pan American Health Organization, live from Brazil)
Contribution from Convention on Biological Diversity 11th Conference of Parties (Live from COP meeting in Hyderabad, India)

To view the Open Invitation to the Global Processes linking Ecology & Health – What role for EcoHealth? event please click here.

To view the session please visit the EcoHealth2012 Audio & Video Library.


The Kunming Statement Drafting Process

The Position Statement is an initiative of the Board of the International Association for Ecology & Health. On behalf of the membership, it has delegated the task of planning and preparing a Position Statement to the Events and Awards Committee of the Board, which has had carriage of the process.

An interim Working Group of members has produced the following set of materials, including:

1. A Draft Statement for Discussion
2. Supplementary materials (Appendices) for members and delegates

During the Kunming Conference, participative working group(s) will be formed to advance this Position Statement. Delegates at the conference will be invited to participate, and to gather information from several separate by:

1. The EcoHealth Student Blog http://ecohealthstudentsection.weebly.com/blog.html and the ideas that have emerged from it.
2. Kunming Conference itself – information from plenaries and working groups
3. International Discussion Forum October 17th Kunming EcoHealth2012 conference
4. The Convention of Biological Diversity’s Conference of Parties in October – parallel event


How people participated in drafting the Kunming Statement:

Each day during EcoHealth2012, working groups briefly reported back to the conference about their findings, and the latest version of the position statement. These latest versions were uploaded onto a) The EcoHealth Student Blog www.ecohealthstudentsection.weebly.com/blog.html, and b) the EcoHealth-Live2012 website www.ecohealth-live.net.  

People who wanted to provide feedback or edit these documents during the conference downloaded the latest version of the statement. Comments were sent to Pierre Horwitz or posted to the blog.


Kunming Position Statement Drafts

Kunming Statement final draft for distribution and comment 18th October

Kunming Conference Statement 16th October 2012

Kunming Conference Statement 15th October 2012

Supplementary Appendix B

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