International Discussion Forum

International Discussion Forum:  August 12, 2014
“Ecohealth and Climate Change: Connections for Health, Ecosystems and Society”

The International Discussion Forum  is a combined webinar and face-to-face activity at the EcoHealth 2014 conference that will focus on the Conference Statement addressing “Ecohealth and Climate Change”.

The Discussion Forum will involve a panel of international discussants (offsite and onsite) who will address synergies, connections and next-steps relevant to the Conference Statement and their work. The discussion will:

  • profile the Conference Statement and its relationship to related international processes;
  • identify opportunities to ‘carry forward’ the proposed actions of the EcoHealth 2014 Conference Statement after the conference;
  • engage IAEH members and interested colleagues not at EcoHealth2014 to participate in the discussion;
  • explore the links between Climate Change and the conference theme of “Connections for Health, Ecosystems and Society”.

To optimise participation across time-zones, two International Discussion Forum scheduled at different times on Aug 12:

1. First Session: August 12, 10:00-11:50 EDT. This timing is better suited for colleagues in Europe, Africa, the Middle-East, India etc. To find out the time in your time-zone, click here.

International discussants:

  • Kristie Ebi, past Executive Director, Technical Support Unit for Working Group II (Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability), IPCC/University of Washington  (off-site)
  • Mark Dooris, University of Central Lancashire, UK (off-site)
  • Ernesto Raez-Luna, Leader of the Stakeholder Engagement Team for COP20/CMP10 (UNFCCC), Ministerial Advisor at Peru’s Ministry of the Environment (on-site)

2. Second session: August 12 19:00-20:50 EDT. This timing is better suited for colleagues from Oceania (Pacific, Australia, NZ), South East Asia, and China. To find out the time in your time-zone, click here.

International discussants:

  • Colin Butler, University of Canberra, Australia (off-site)
  • Carlos Corvalan, Lead Author, Health Synthesis, Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, PAHO/Brasil (off-site)
  • Nancy Lewis, Director, Research Program, East-West Centre, Hawaii, US (off-site)

A flyer detailing the event can be found here.


Log in Details

We will be using Blackboard Collaborate as our platform for the discussion. Below is some information that we have found useful in orienting new users to Blackboard. Blackboard Collaborate is a web-based video and audio conferencing system that allows real-time communication between users. This platform allows for participants to communicate with each other, deliver presentations, and engage in discussion.

We strongly suggest connecting directly to an internet source (rather than WIFI) as it ensures a consistent and stronger connection.

To access the blackboard collaborate “room” that we will be using click here.

If you are experiencing difficulty using the software please read the documents below:

Blackboard Collaborate Participant Quick Reference Guide
Blackboard Collaborate Setup

You may also view a Blackboard Collaborate Orientation Guide by clicking here. 

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