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The appendices of the EcoHealth 2014 Conference Statement invite readers to use and contribute along two pathways. The first pathway begins with an invitation to enjoy as well as contribute your own projects to a Gallery of Actions. This gallery profiles projects of the ecohealth community working at the nexus of climate change and the health of humans, animals and others species. The purpose of the gallery is to increase awareness of the diverse actions that individuals through to organizations are currently taking or are planning to take that model the integration necessary to address climate change.

Through engaging with the gallery the hope is that ecohealth community members will build and celebrate a collection of actions that offer practical guidance and exemplify how to work and learn across scales and time-frames to address climate change. Examples in the gallery demonstrate the convergent, complementary and interrelated efforts essential to fostering the health and wellbeing of humans, other species and the planet.

A model ‘lens’ is proposed as a means to depict the complexity of working across systems and scales and to help people imagine and cultivate opportunities for collaborative action. Practically, this gallery can be used to identify and learn from actions that are addressing elements of climate change, while also improving determinants of health for people, animals and other species across the globe by fostering social and ecological resilience; prioritizing social, gender and intergenerational equity; and valuing diverse knowledges.

To contribute to the Gallery of Actions please download and complete the worksheet here. Completed worksheets can be submitted to

Each of the six examples were submitted by members of the EcoHealth 2014 Conference Statement Reference Group. They offer a small sample of the diverse actions the living gallery could profile.

Example 1: Journée de l’Arbre de la santé (Celebrated every 3rd week of September simultaneously with Canada Tree Day; development and activities over the year) Click here to view submission.

Example 2: Research Program on Agriculture for Nutrition and Health (
Click here to view submission.

Example 3: Plague prevention and control in endemic areas of the Andean Region (Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru): An eco-systemic approach for strengthening early detection systems. Click here to view submission.

Example 4: Fostering Youth Mental Health and Resilience to Climate Change: An Overview of the Inuit Mental Health & Adaptation to Climate Change and IlikKuset-Ilingannet!/Culture-Connect!  Click here to view submission.

Example 5: Transition Town movement ( Click here to view submission.

Example 6: University (and institutional) divestment from fossil fuels. Click here to view submission.

To view all six submissions click here.


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