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The program and abstracts can be viewed here.

The International Association for Ecology and Health hosted its biennial conference from August 18-20th, 2010, at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Each day was begun with a panel of speakers drawn from academia, public policy and civil society.

The daily themes and associated topics for the conference include:

Urban Ecohealth
  • Sustainable Cities & Health
  • Environmental and Ecological Justice
  • Food in the cities
  • Urban ecosystems
  • Youth perspectives on urban ecohealth
Biodiversity and Ecohealth
  • Conservation medicine and bidiversity
  • Biodiversity indicators for ecohealth
  • Environmental ethics and biodiversity
  • Species loss and ecohealth
  • Indigenous peoples and minority perspectives on biodiversity
Sustainability and Future Priorities for Ecohealth
  • Climate Change and Climate Justice
  • Sustainable Consumption and Production
  • Ecological Ethics and Rights
  • Future conservation directions

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