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Day 1: Transdisciplinarity



EcoHealth2012 Opening Plenary Presentation


Yang Gonghuan – Non-communicable Diseases and Development 


Plenary Panel: EcoHealth in 2012: Addressing health & sustainability challenges of the 21st century


Blackboard Collaborate Online Presentation

Chair’s Introduction to Plenary Session [0-2:06]

Jacobo FinkelmanHealth and Sustainability Challenges of the 21st Century [02:06-29:28]

Valerie Brown: Seven Questions in search of a science [30:51- 1:03:00]

Plenary Panel Question & Answer Period [1:03:30-1:14:40]


Plenary Presentation: Ecology of Infectious Disease Epidemics


Blackboard Collaborate Online Presentation

Audio Version

Dominque Charron: Introduction to Duane Gubler Plenary Address [00:00-01:24]

Duane Gubler Plenary Address: [01:25-46:10]


Day 2: Vulnerable Populations, Vulnerable Ecosystems, & Health



Plenary Panel: Vulnerable Populations, Vulnerable Ecosystems & Health


Blackboard Collaborate Online Presentation

Audio Version

Chair’s Introduction to Plenary Panel [0:00-02:59]

Bassirou Bonfoh [03:00-21:42]

Jürg Utzinger [21:46-34:44]

Maria Carlota Monroy [35:54-44:28 AND 1:03:49-1:07:29]

Laurie Chan [46:12-1:02:02]

Plenary Panel Question & Answer Period [1:07:29-1:22-46]


Symposium: The roles of the medical profession in promoting sustainable ecosystems – lessons learnt across the globe


Blackboard Collaborate Online Presentation

Audio Version

Chair’s Introduction to Symposium

Alan Abelsohn [1:20-18:20]

Fang Jing [18:30-36:39]

Erica Bell [37:08-55:55]

Hafeez Jamal [56:15-1:42:45]


Plenary Panel: EcoHealth Perspectives from Indigenous, Tribal & Ethnic Communities


Blackboard Collaborate Online Presentation

Audio Version

Chair’s Introduction to Plenary Session

Yi priest [1:34-5:20]

Kerry Arabena [08:00-21:24]

Margo Greenwood [24:00-48:30]

Plenary Panel Question & Answer Period [48:31-1:05:10]


International Discussion Forum: Global Processes linking Ecology & Health – What role for EcoHealth?


Blackboard Collaborate Online Presentation

Audio Version

Margot Parkes (Session Chair)

Pierre Horwitz (Discussant)

Jonathan Patz (Discussant)

Carlos Corvalan (Discussant)

Christine Banks (Discussant) 


 Day 3: Capacity Building and Action



Plenary Panel: Capacity Building for EID research & action in Asia: Lessons &
 Experience from the Field


Blackboard Collaborate Online Presentation

Audio Version

Bruce Wilcox (Plenary Chair)

Dennis Carroll [0-09:28]

Le Vu Anh [11:00- 22:22]

Wang LiBin [23:10-32:35]

Purvi Mehta-Bhatt [33:40-43:00]

Parntep Ratanakorn [44:02-55:55]

Plenary Panel Question & Answer Period [55:56-1:25:21]


Symposium: Capacity Building & Action: Student contributions to field-building in EcoHealth


Blackboard Collaborate Online Presentation

Audio Version

Lindsay Beck (Session Chair)

Jordan Sky Oestreicher (Session co-facilitator)

LiWei Chen (Session co-facilitator)

Maya K. Gislason (Presenter)

Micah Hahn (Presenter)

Vijay Limaye (Presenter)


Final Closing Panel: Field-Building the Future

Blackboard Collaborate Online Presentation


Audio Version

Mario Henry Rodriguez (Presenter) [5:58-18:40]

Dominique Charron (Presenter) [18:41-28:12]

Jakob Zinsstag (Presenter) [28:13-36:55]

Fang Jing (Presenter) [48:55-55:53]

Plenary Panel Question & Answer Period [55:53-1:21:11]


EcoHealth2012 Closing Conference Remarks 


Pierre Horwitz & Jakob Zinsstag – Kunming Position Statement [1:23:21-1:41:18]

Johanne Saint-Charles – EcoHealth2014 Conference Presentation [1:50:15-2:04:17]