The Congress was a ‘meeting of the minds’ for researchers, policy makers and practitioners who are working towards more integrated approaches and effective responses to complex global health challenges. The Congress brought together the One Health and Ecohealth communities to improve global health and the health of our people, animals and ecosystems.  We promoted coordination and collaboration across sectors and disciplines to gain new perspectives of researchers, policy makers, practitioners and communities on issues that originate at the human-animal-ecosystems interface (and the social and ecological drivers of risk). Congress objectives included:

  • Showcasing how One Health and Ecohealth approaches are effective responses to global health challenges.
  • Sharing research strategies, approaches and tools to understand and reduce health risks.
  • Presenting practical examples of protecting and promoting public, animal and ecosystem health through ongoing dialogue and collaborative action among researchers, policy makers and practitioners in One Health and Ecohealth communities.
  • Enabling inclusive participation of delegates from diverse backgrounds.

See the Statement of Conference 2016 here 

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